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OT: Answer Mike & Mike's question
07-03-2012, 09:42 AM
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OT: Answer Mike & Mike's question
This morning while I was riding into work, I was listening to Mike & Mike In The Morning and they posed an intriguing question. Thought it would be interesting to get everyone's perspective on it and maybe expand on it.

<h2>Who will be the Brooklyn Nets' Spike Lee or Jack Nicholson?</h2>

Many pro sports teams have celebrities who are regulars to sporting events (some more known than others). Some of them go to the event because they were born in that area, live in that area (could go with the first part of being born in that area, lol), or are currently working in that area. Spike Lee is probably the most well known figure at Knicks games; maybe not the most popular in the grand scheme of things, but almost everyone knows Spike will be at a Knicks game. At Lakers home games, you've got a much larger list of stars; Denzel, Chris Rock, Jack Nicholson, I think I've seen J-Lo there (not sure why), and many others. I've seen Eminem, Kid Rock, Bob Seger (I like older music just as much as newer music, maybe more), and other "stars" at Pistons games (well, on TV). I know Billy Crystal is a huge baseball fan.

Now, with the Knicks always having been New York's basketball team, it's highly doubtful Spike Lee or Woody Allen will become more Brooklyn Nets supporters than Knicks supporters. But there are some stars who are from Brooklyn that might be looking for a "home" team. Chris Rock is from Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn (Bed-Stuy) and Mike Tyson is from Brooklyn. I'm sure there's a longer list than just that. So who do you think will end up being the Nets' Spike Lee/Jack Nicholson?

Also, to further the question, who do you think is probably the most die hard celebrity fan of any sports team? I know Woody Allen has been a fan of the Knicks for some 50 years now, so that's pretty good.

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