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Latest in-person auto pick ups (SCANS)
06-03-2012, 01:27 PM
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Latest in-person auto pick ups (SCANS)
Season's over, my team Valencia Basket lost against Barcelona 3-1 in semis. A quick recap of the most recent auto's I picked up.

I wish there would be a way of telling whether a marker works properly on a card as I messed up a few, as you'll see.

First of all the 'real' trading cards:

Juan Carlos Navarro - former Grizzlies, current Barcelona. Ink didn't adhere properly.. and I marked his hand when he gave the marker back, lol.
[Image: escanear0279copia.jpg]

Fran Vázquez - once drafted by Timberwolves, current Barcelona when he gave the card back I put my finger right on top the signature, leaving a nice finger print..
[Image: escanear0279copiacopia.jpg]

Yaroslav Korolev - former Clippers, current Lagun Aro. Ink didn't adhere at all. Korolev even said "oops I think we have a lil problem" haha
[Image: escanear0214.jpg]

Chuck Eidson - played college at South Carolina, then professional at a bunch of European teams, currently Barcelona
[Image: escanear0214b.jpg]

Rafa Martinez - Guard for my local team
[Image: escanear0267.jpg]

Self-made blow up cards. I have turned to making my custom cards 10x15cm (4'x6' approx) as really there was no reason to restrict myself to the small dimensions of trading cards.

Rodrigo San Miguel - back-up guard for my local team. Scanner brightened the image up a bit too much, the background is grey.
[Image: escanear0267copia2.jpg]

Taquan Dean - former University of Louisville (cardinals), played for a few Spanish teams, was acquired as a back-up guard for the playoffs.
[Image: escanear0214bcopia.jpg]

Serhiy Lishchuk - Center at my local team. Glass Breakers set. I printed this on transparent sticker which I stuck onto hologram cardboard. The result is sick.
[Image: escanear0271.jpg]

Vitor Faverani - back-up center at my local team.
[Image: escanear0279.jpg]

Also made one for Nik Caner-Medley, but unfortunately didn't have the opportunity to get it signed.

Well, that's it. I'm currently also preparing three booklets for TTM autos. I'll update on that once they're finished and when (if) they come back.

Mini PCs: http://folkertino.webs.com
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