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Have SGC 98 Jeter, how irrelevant is SGC?
05-23-2012, 03:19 PM (This post was last modified: 05-23-2012 03:21 PM by bojackson.)
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Have SGC 98 Jeter, how irrelevant is SGC?
Hey guys,

New to forum here.. I'm in my early 30's and quit collecting right around the time getting everything graded was becoming the norm. It was a huge turn off to me and one of the main reasons I lost interest in the hobby... the other being the insanely limited edition 1 of 1's that were becoming more and more common from every manufacturer.

As luck would have it though, I've got one notable thign to show for all my years of collecting - the 93 SP Jeter graded an SGC 98. I only recently stumbled into all of my graded cards, and they are all by SGC. I vaguely remember thinking that SGC was more selective in their grading criteria than PSA (i can't really remember if BGS was even around when I graded my cards) and was confident one day SGC would be the industry leader! Plus I think they were cheaper.. that might have had something to do with my choice.....

Anyhow, I've got quite a few nice SGC cards but none as nice as the Jeter. From just perusing the ebay listings and reading comments on this forum it seems clear that PSA is dominating the market and SGC is an afterthought? Or am I wrong? I'm just looking fro the general consensus as to what SGC is these days. I went on their site an was even surprsied to see they're still in business given that I don't see much in the way of SGC cards for sale. Their site does seem pretty amateurish now, like the type that nobody spends any time or money to maintain.

I'm fine with keeping most of my SGC items just as memories of my youth even if PSA fans thumb their nose at me, but in the case of the Jeter card it seems I could turn this for a nice $$$ if only it said PSA on the front of the slab. Would I be a complete moron to think I can sell my SGC 98 on ebay without getting it regraded?

I remember never having a good impression of PSA and I'm positive my SGC 98 would hold up against any PSA 10.. but in terms of just maximizing my sale what would other collectors do?
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Have SGC 98 Jeter, how irrelevant is SGC? - bojackson - 05-23-2012 03:19 PM

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