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When did Dwayne Wade become such a whiny baby?
(05-19-2012, 08:42 PM)mj23supercollector Wrote: I think you are absolutely right about Jordan kenarm79. Talk about someone who thought the world was owed to him. But, really who of us would deny him. I collect mainly MJ cards and truly believe he is the best basketball player of all time, but what a horrible off court personality. I don't know if anyone heard of some of his excerpts or watched his hall of fame induction ceremony, but the guy had to take that moment to humiliate anyone who wronged him or further humiliate anyone who he got the better of. Maybe it was because he knew he was better than everyone. Maybe he knew everyone wanted to be him.

As for Wade, I always enjoyed watching him play after post-Shaq and pre-LeBron. He was fearless and as everyone else mentioned, humble. But, I agree that he has had this sense of entitlement since LeBron came into the picture. Maybe because there isn't enough basketballs for him and LeBron at once and he realizes he isn't the best player on HIS team.

Anyone remember when he had to be wheeled off in a wheelchair with a shoulder injury?

I remember when that happen, lol. The same thing applies to Kobe. He puts almost every teammate he has had under the bus and people just ignore it. When the Colorado situation came out, he tried to throw Shaq under the bus. He's talked down on Bynum when he wanted JKidd on the team. People forget how petty Kobe was when he had no help. He keeps calling out Gasol's play (even when his own play is substandard). When they went to game 7 in the last series he let it be known that he couldn't depend on any of his teammates except Metta World Peace, lol (and everyone agreed with him). I could be wrong, but a team leader dosen't do that. Does anyone remember when his feelings got hurt because the team told him to stop shooting soo much and pass the ball around (mainly dump it down to Shaq in the post). The next game he decided to not shoot at ALL and the team suffered.

I think people hold LeBron to a higher standard than any sports player that has ever lived. Sometimes the complaints sound soo crazy that I can't believe that they were said. Kobe put himself in a bad moral situation and people have forgiven him because of his basketball play. LeBron has shown to make stupid business decisions within the last two years and has been attacked ever since. Honestly what does that say about all of us?

They are all human and I don't think that they deserve to be put on a pedestal. I appreciate the way they play the game of basketball. It's so hard to compare players to each other. No player is alike. Tim Duncan shows no emotion MOST of the time and people consider him a competitor. He has that IT factor. His personality is completely different than Jordans, so why do people feel like they know what's inside LeBron, Wade or Bosh?
I collect LeBron, Jordan, Kobe and anything that catches my eye.
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