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Bryan's Braves auto WANTLIST (will keep updating)

Bryan's Braves auto WANTLIST (will keep updating)
Figured in stead of keeping up with the ones I have I would start a list of the players I still need. List will start kinda small but I will keep updating when I find a few more players I need. This is mostly the only things I am gonna be looking to trade for for a while. Let me know if you have any of these players and hopefully we can work a deal. Please only certified autos in Braves uniforms.
Fred McGriff
Julio Franco
JD Drew
K Kawakami
Phil Niekro
Russ Ortiz
Gary Matthews Jr/Sr
Gaylord Perry
Mark Teixeira
Joe Torre
Kris Medlen
Derek Lowe
Kenny Lofton
[Image: bryansbanner2.jpg]
Braves certified auto count: 114 different players
HOF auto collection: 10 players
Looking for Braves auto's of current and former players.

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Bryan's Braves auto WANTLIST (will keep updating) - by bryandavidknight - 05-01-2012, 04:36 PM

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