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What are you doing Beckett?
04-26-2012, 01:29 AM
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RE: What are you doing Beckett?
(04-24-2012 06:52 PM)cbankston Wrote:  Hello,

I started at Beckett in October 2010 and was brought on as the Marketplace lead developer. There was another lead developer at the time and he was responsible for Organize, Trade and the rest of the site. There was also another developer who focused the front end work.

There was a deadline set for the first of the year for all of the projects. At some point before Christmas, they realized marketplace was not going to make the launch date and I was refocused to help prepare Organize/trade for launch. We launched at the beginning of February and I continued to fix bugs in the system. The lead developer put in his notice not long after the release and we prepared to get the system to a point where it was considered to be 'stable'. Once we reached that point I moved back to marketplace development and have been there ever since. We hired 2 more developers after a month or two to help with the marketplace development. Lfisher was also brought on around this time.

We recently lost one of the back end developers and also our front end developer. LFisher has stepped up and is doing the frontend development now. I believe he's been working on making things look consistent across the site in his own free time.

We are still winding down marketplace development and our focus will soon change to organize and trade. I've been looking forward to this change for a long time, as there is tremendous room for improvement (both performance and usability).

The Beckett website receives a decent amount of traffic; more so than most web sites I could work on in my free time. Because of this, the problems are more challenging to solve. During my 'work' hours, I fix bugs that users are screaming about, answer questions/emails about functionality and try to focus on the prioritized items list. I have been buried with work since I started, sometimes it is challenging but 99% of it is grunt work that a jr. developer could do if I handed him the plans. In my free time, I like to work on the challenging problems so that I can pave the way to a better future. I feel the time I'm spending is not wasted because I get to add all this to my resume.

I cannot answer why things are going the way that they are, because I am not able to see everything going on. Everyone probably has their own answer for this one. For me, there are too many problems to handle right now so I have to pick and choose my battles. For starters, there are missing processes in the development workflow. For big picture type stuff, there are no incentives to improve your skill set or to go above and beyond to get things done/make things better. No reviews + no career paths = no improvement

Things are changing a lot internally and supposedly will get better... but they told you all that for the longest time until you stopped believing it. I often feel like I am falling for the same trick. Only time can tell.

Thank you for explaining that to me. You, at least, seem to be honest. I hope you understand why people are frustrated. Improvements would be very welcome!!! Thanks again and good luck! Jim


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