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Cross Grading PSA 10's into BGS

RE: Cross Grading PSA 10's into BGS
(04-19-2012, 08:37 AM)nolan5000 Wrote: I've crossed a fair amount of PSA 10's to BGS/BVG.  I've had great success.  There was this one time, though that I was disappointed.  A couple of cards came back as 9.  And 4 cards were returned to me as questionable edge authenticity.  I plan on crossing some more PSA 10's if I can ever slow down buying cards that are already Beckett graded.  I wouldn't bother crossing a PSA 8.  You would be looking at a failing grade from Beckett.

If you do decide to cross, then check the centering thoroughly before submitting.  Also, check any autos.  Like someone said, post high resolution scans so we can help you.
Based off this thread, I am doing an experiment: I have a PSA 10 2003 Topps Chrome Lebron and I have sent it to Beckett for the graded card review. requesting a minimum 10.  I have low expectations but hope for the best.  IT's a $150 experiment for Express (20-30 business day service).  I also have sent Beckett the following PSA 7's for graded card review minimum 8 requested: 1986 Fleer Sticker Jordan, 1981 Bird, 1997 Metal Universe Kobe, and another 2003 Topps Chrome Lebron.  I've also sent to Beckett a dozen various RAW Kobe rookies which I also have pending similar cards from PSA also at the express level.  interestingly, they arrived about the same time (May 3).  Of course I want to maximize my money so I think any 9.5 BGS returns may have to head to PSA.  This is crazy but I am going to report back how it works out.  I will post the results of those above and the various Kobe RCs of same type and quality and how this goes.  Thanks for posting this thread.  I know it's 9 years old, but it answered my question almost exactly like two different voices in my head arguing about whether to do it. The results will determine how I submit another 200+ cards i have waiting.  I am tempted to submit everything to Beckett because of the price and the fact I can send them now, however, i hear the argument about how few BGS 10s and with simple Ebay research anyone can see how much more a PSA 10 gets over a BGS 9.5. BUT: the BGS 10 Pristine is KING, particularly with that Lebron card.  IT's more than a $10,000 difference!  Stay tuned and feel free to comment or ask questions.  I have no answers to the grades yet, but i plan to share.

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