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Vintage Card Story
03-08-2012, 01:28 PM (This post was last modified: 03-08-2012 01:31 PM by JeffreyQ.)
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Vintage Card Story
I'm sure this sort of thing gets posted a lot... but here goes...

After 35+ years I recently cracked open my old footlocker that was stored in my parents' basement behind an old pinball machine-- and looked at the 20 or so shoeboxes and 5 or so double-drawer "punch card" boxes I used back in 1975 to store my card collection.

The cards have not been handled or looked at in 35+ years.

Between 1969 and 1975, as a 10 year old kid, I can remember walking down to the Pharmacy in Cedar Grove NJ, plucking down a $10 bill, and walking away with 100 individual packs of 10 cards each-- Each pack 10¢.

I did this literally hundreds of times between 1970 and 1975.

I bought Baseball, Football, Hockey, Wacky Packages (which my sister got to and ruined at some point), Harlem Globetrotters, Planet of The Apes, Star Wars… you name it. I have had literally 10s of thousands of cards all wrapped up for 35 years.

I can remember sitting with my father on the kitchen table when I was 14 or 15 and sorting the sports cards into two complete sets for each year of Baseball (Topps 69-75) and Hockey (Topps 72-73) Plus one complete set each of each Football (Topps 73-74), and Basketball (Topps 70-71)-- PLUS literally thousands of the "triples" (duplicate cards) just thrown into the "punch card" boxes.

All that, plus at that time, my father gave me what was left of his old Baseball Card collection (Bowman 50-51)-- Almost complete sets PLUS hundreds of doubles.

After about 1978 I simply bought complete Topps baseball sets from a friend for about 5-6 years until I gave the hobby up when I went away to school.

Now, I always had in the back of my mind that "someday" I would complete my Topps Baseball sets from 1960-1980 by selling the "triples" plus the duplicate Baseball and Hockey complete sets.

I guess that time is "NOW" as my wife and I are looking to buy a new home.

Any suggestions where I should start in Sorting? Grading? Selling?

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