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1 Box Limited and 2 boxes Playoff Contenders - 2 Hall of Fame Hits but 2 Doubles
02-27-2012, 05:27 PM (This post was last modified: 02-27-2012 05:28 PM by ZSDOne.)
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1 Box Limited and 2 boxes Playoff Contenders - 2 Hall of Fame Hits but 2 Doubles
I don't have the ability to scan, but I thought I'd share the results of these recent breaks:

First the Limited - I really liked these and considered getting another box, but decided to quit while I was ahead becaue there was no way I was going to duplicate this:

Autograph: Allen Page numbered to 50
Memorabilia: Charley Taylor numbered to 99
Redemption card for Johnny White autograph numbered to 199 - I really have never heard of him but he apparently actually was drafted for the Buffalo Bills and had a couple of carries for them last year. Its hard to complain about what the third auto/jersey card is when the first two are in the NFL Hall of Fame

Also for base card parallel - Art Monk numbered to 50.

Then to the Playoff Contenders - first box:


Greg Jones, III was the first pull - I already had an auto from him, but these cards look awesome - plus, how many players in NFL history have proposed to their girlfriends on the field following winning the Super Bowl - so I suppose he has at least a footnote in NFL history - plus, at least he played.

Armound Smith - like the others who have pulled one of these, I add to asking "Who?" Nice looking card though.

Robert Housler - can't say I've ever heard of him, but he was drafted in the Third Round by Arizona so he must have some sort of skills. Or Arizona just stinks at drafting.

Redemption Card (Of Course) - RPS Ticket 218 which is Titus Young. Not bad - anyone who lines up opposite Calvin Johnson has a good chance at putting up good numbers, but really, it was disappointing to reach the number 4 with this being the best card - but that was only two on card autos.

Fortunately, the extra autograph came in:

Some quarterback guy from Carolina:

First time I hit a Cam Newton - was definitely happy with this box.

Then I made a mistake - I went back to the well and honestly its not horrible per se - just horrible in context:

Autograph One: Tyrod Taylor - I live in VA, and hadn't gotten any of his autographs - so nice to get the former VA Tech star.

Autograph Two - Torrey Smith - good auto, he had a strong rookie year and its one of their top selling point cards - was a bit of a disappointment because I already have two very limited edition Torrey Smith autos - 1) Topps Rising Rookies Red Ink # to 15 (think its 8/15, but not sure) 2) Topps Supreme Auto Platium Patch # 2 of 5). Its still a nice card.

Autograph Three - Redemption Card RPS Ticket number 218 - wait a second, I got one of these in the last box - no offense to Titus Young - he had a strong rookie year, but I can't say I'm happy getting the exact same card (although maybe one will be the short print version) - also a real disappointment because I know this is the second and last on card auto.

Autograph Four - Robert Housler, Tight End Arizona - REALLY - yes, another repeat (note to self, compare cards, maybe one is a short print version). Definitely a disappointment to pull especially in light of already getting a repeat in the Titus Young auto. This is starting to make me upset.

Autograph Five - D'Quon (however you spell his first name) Bowers - not bad - he was a great college player at Clemson and my wife is from South Carolina and her grandfather was IPTAY - he has the skills to be good in the NFL if he can get and stay healthy.

Seen in isolation box 2 was decent - better than some I've seen here - but in context of getting two of the same hits, its pretty annoying.
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