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BGS vs PSA, but not the usual discussion
10-10-2012, 09:08 PM
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RE: BGS vs PSA, but not the usual discussion
i've had cards graded by psa bgs and sgc. i'm sticking with bgs. the cases look nicer and are sturdier but basically i trust the grade more. i was at a show looking to by a getzlaf graded card. this guy had tons of psa graded cards of all sports and some beckett. he had a 10 getzlaf that i had every intention of buying but it just wasn't a 10. there was obvious corner wear to the naked eye from a distance. it's a card i wouldn't even send in and if i did expect more than an 8. now i understand that dealers that send in tons of cards are going to have their share of bumped up cards for doing lots of business and i'm sure all the companies do this but come on have some respect for the industry and collectors. i agree with rusty in that there is more money to be made on having that 10 on your card in some cases. people will pay 10's of thousands more for a creased mantle in a 10 case than a beauty in an 8. they look at the number not the card. these are investor/collectors i'm talking about not the true collectors but today it's really all the same thing today and i must say i look at my cards as anywhere from pocket change to benjamins Smile
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RE: BGS vs PSA, but not the usual discussion - maryz - 10-10-2012 09:08 PM

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