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Show me your best/favorite Set or Sets

RE: Show me your best/favorite Set or Sets
(02-03-2012, 07:57 PM)jplarson Wrote: 99 was a good year for Finest too.

<img src="http://www.jplarson.com/hosted/99finestset.jpg"></a>

1999 Finest Refractors, a 175-card set.

Holy Crap that is SWEET
(02-03-2012, 10:06 PM)giantfan270 Wrote: Donruss Elite

[Image: NewScansNov2011003.jpg]
[Image: NewScansNov2011010.jpg]
[Image: NewScansNov2011012.jpg]
[Image: NewScansNov2011029.jpg]
[Image: NewScansNov2011025.jpg]
[Image: NewScansNov2011033.jpg]
[Image: NewScansNov2011041.jpg]
[Image: IMG-20120121-00983.jpg]
[Image: NewScansNov2011049.jpg]
[Image: NewScansNov2011048.jpg]

[Image: simms_manningPTT2.jpg]
[Image: simm_manningPTT.jpg]
[Image: NewScansNov2011063.jpg]
[Image: NewScansNov2011064.jpg]
[Image: NewScansNov2011065.jpg]
[Image: NewScansNov2011066.jpg]
[Image: NewScansNov2011071.jpg]
[Image: NewScansNov2011090.jpg]
[Image: NewScansNov2011091.jpg]
[Image: NewScansNov2011072.jpg]

[Image: NewScansNov2011117.jpg]
[Image: phonenov2011157.jpg]
[Image: phonenov2011168.jpg]
[Image: NewScansNov2011140.jpg]
[Image: NewScansNov2011141.jpg]
[Image: NewScansNov2011142.jpg]
[Image: NewScansNov2011143.jpg]
[Image: NewScansNov2011144.jpg]
[Image: IMG-20120121-00983-1.jpg]
[Image: NewScansNov2011195.jpg]

[Image: NewScansNov2011196.jpg]
[Image: NewScansNov2011197.jpg]
[Image: NewScansNov2011198.jpg]
[Image: NewScansNov2011199.jpg]
[Image: NewScansNov2011225-1.jpg]
[Image: NewScansNov2011225.jpg]
[Image: NewScansNov2011233-1.jpg]
[Image: NewScansNov2011232.jpg]
[Image: NewScansNov2011232-1.jpg]
[Image: NewScansNov2011233.jpg]

Being a Cowboys fan EHHHHH arrrrighhhtttt LOL No, that is very nice... I have always been a good fan of die cuts... think it adds something different

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