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check out my bucket....looking to sell

RE: check out my bucket....looking to sell
(01-18-2012, 12:01 AM)mjanooz Wrote: THe numba 2 Jeter Dive is just about the nicest thing i have ever seen... I assume it is not for trade or sale..if so let me know...thanks...go yanks.
it is very near and dear to my heart and i would sell it but it is not cheap...its a steiner piece obviously and it is the last jeter autograph that i have....i had to sell a few things and i sold a signed bat and a 2005 sweet spot auto.....but when i purchased this auto back in 2006 they were on sale on steiner for $999 and i cant find them anywhere now so i would assume the value is more than that now....but i would entertain a reasonable offer if you are interested in it...sorry for the delay in response i just had a son a few months ago and he is a handful......hopefully he will be a yankees fan like his dad and not a red sox fan like his mom.....lol


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RE: check out my bucket....looking to sell - by joba the clark - 01-25-2012, 07:25 PM

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