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A few thoughts...
05-03-2012, 10:59 AM (This post was last modified: 05-03-2012 11:03 AM by ses3225.)
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RE: A few thoughts...
(12-18-2011 09:40 PM)ktcardshop Wrote:  First
When you trade and the trade is moved into your 'Recently Traded' folder the cards that you 'trade away' are given a tag and the trade amount deducted from the inventory. It is entirely diferent when you look at the 'Trade For' side. These cads are added as a new listing duplicating the original listing. You then have to go back and search for each one individually and add a tag and send the original version of the card to the trash, and then empty the trash. If you dont the card will remain in your Org. and continue to attract trade offers.

And now a few comments about 'Trade With Me'
When searching for cards to trade you have to look for the little gold stars that indicate a match. The problem is you may have to look through several hundred pages to cover them all. Either the gold star listings need to migrate to the top of the listing or there needs to be a filter under attributes so you can select only cards that have a match and a gold star.

These are my two biggest issues with the new design of the site. Overall the site works faster and probably more efficiently than the old one, but these two issues have really kept me from doing as much trading as I'd like because they take too much time to deal with. The additional record in the 'Recently Traded' folder for every card that comes in from a trade is my biggest peeve. If the card is already in my Organize and that record matches the condition listed for the incoming card, the two cards should be merged into one record, like it used to be on the old site. And I liked the old way of showing each trade individually instead of grouping all trades into the same folder - it's much easier to sort through when multiple trades are coming in at the same time.

The other trade issue has been beaten to death here, but it is extremely cumbersome to navigate right now. On top of listing wants at the top of the list (or having it be sortable), it would also be nice to have some kind of indication that a card is already listed in the trade. When I'm involved in a trade with 20 or so cards on each side, there's no way of me knowing which cards are already included in the trade if I want to alter the offer at all. I end up trying to add a bunch of cards that are already part of the trade.

EDIT: I see that my last suggestion is included in another thread.
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