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I've met Favre a few times. My first meeting was in 1998 at Lambeau after the game in where he broke Jaworski's record for most all-time starts by a qb. Also met quite a few other players from that year as well. I got to walk out onto Lambeau Field after the game too! And even tho Favre seems like a drama queen on tv & the media, he is actually a very friendly, down to earth guy.

I also got the opportunity to meet Brett's dad, the late Irv Favre! Now there is a TRUE southerner! This guy was so easy to talk to. He jus started talking to me like we were old friends & he knew me for years. Just an awesome overall experience. Not only did I get to meet my sports hero & the BEST QB OF ALL-TIME, but I got to meet his dad too! A rare opportunity & such a memorable experience!
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