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OT: To all who said I was wrong.....
12-06-2011, 03:06 PM
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OT: To all who said I was wrong.....
First, I am a man and I am big enough to apologize if I offended anyone with the way I dealt with the ebay seller in my ebay post. After reading the posts, I see that I could have done things diffently. I also felt through with Beckett after being attacked especially by Sr member Jacobystealshome. But I can't let one bad, sour apple spoil my fun on this site. If no one can understand that an ebay seller need to take responsiblility for his listing, no matter if it ended at .99 or 499.00. Everyseller isn't like you. This is the first time I have ever left negitive feedback. I am tired of (some) sellers sending trash out, you get a refund and you both move on and they MAY turn around and do it again. Once you get a refund, you can't leave feedback for a seller who stated that the card is in mint condition. It arrives in a card holder that suppose to hold 20 cards, no sleeve, water damage at the bottom, peeling on both sides and oh yeah, it was listed as a "patch", but it is just a glued on jersey on top of a jersey card. He shouldn't be able to sell on ebay anymore. But the.....ooowwww.....if only I wasn't a christian and could curse......I would say what is really on my mind. Let me know your ebay power selling a$....name so I can block you. I didn't make that seller do anything. I put "funny" in my thread because only after he seen my video, he seen that refunding me first was the right thing to do. He didn't think that I was wrong for asking for a refund first. You can't trust a seller so dirty, and I don't. So tell me your dirty power selling name. You should have a confederate flag.....never mind.

I will see everyone in a month or so after I open my case of 2011 contenders. Darn mother mother made my blood boil.


Mainly collect Harry Douglas, Baltimore sports teams and Atlanta sports teams.

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