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Massive Trading Discounts - 30-50% OFF BV

RE: Massive Trading Discounts - 30-50% OFF BV
(11-04-2011, 12:27 AM)roger rabbit Wrote: Okay folks, I'll keep this as short as possible to make sure people read it all before sending offers...

I have 1500 baseball and football cards marked FT, including over 240 autos and mem cards.

I'm trading them at a 30-50% discount in BV (so $50 in my cards will only cost you $25-35 in your cards).

Some rules:
-TRADES MUST BE FOR AT LEAST $50 IN MY CARDS (if it's less, I'll just cancel the trade).
-Only cards currently marked FT are eligible (in other words, don't PM me asking for stuff that's not listed).
-I'm only looking for baseball in return (or current or legendary Browns autos in FB).
-You must send me an open offer and post in this thread that you've sent an offer.
-The level of discount will depend on what you have in return that I want. Cards that I really want (particularly Indians and 2010 and 2011 Bowman autos I need) will get the 50% discount.
-Trades must be completed by November 13th to get a discount, after which these cards will all be sent to COMC, so get those offers in now!

Let's get some great deals made!!! Cheers.

Offer sent.

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