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Andre Ethier PC The Real Thread
09-28-2011, 10:50 AM (This post was last modified: 07-16-2012 11:54 AM by alexs64.)
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Andre Ethier PC The Real Thread
I will be posting all my pickups here in the future. I have rescanned all of my current collection, resized and oriented them all the same

74 Autos Only 67 are Unique
28 Game Used Only
19 Game Used/Auto Combo
12 1/1's

I only scanned autos and game used individually, base, and refractors are in the sheets.

[Image: EthierPCScans1.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans2.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans3.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans4.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans5.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans6.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans7.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans8.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans9.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans10.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans49.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans50.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans53.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans11.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans12.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans13.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans14.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans15.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans16.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans17.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans19.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans20.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans21.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans22.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans23.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans24.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans25.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans26.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans27.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans28.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans29.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans30.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans41.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans42.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans43.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans44.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans45.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans46.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans18.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans31.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans32.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans33.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans34.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans35.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans36.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans37.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans38.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans39.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans40.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans47.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans48.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans52.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans51.jpg]

When I make updates I will place the scan in the appropriate orientated section and put the MAILDAY DATE.

I hope you enjoyed my personal collection of Andre Ethier.
I am always accepting new additions this is collection, so if you have it and don't see it on here please let me know so we can work something out.

Thank You,

[Image: EthierPCScans820.jpg]

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