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Heritage Minors 2 boxes
09-22-2011, 10:09 PM (This post was last modified: 09-23-2011 12:25 AM by tonygwynnandcalripke.)
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Heritage Minors 2 boxes
was at the LCS today after busting 4 boxes of a 6 box case yesterday and pulling the Harper GUbase card and landing 9 autos out of 4 boxes. I went back in to build sets to recoup some $$ and decided to open one of the last boxes after Jeff (the owner) gave me $40 credit for building him a set and pulled only 1 auto ( redemption for Steve Lombardozzi) of course I got a harper base ,seems there is 1 in every box, actually coalition on this product seems really good out of the first 5 boxes we put together 4 complete sets and 98% of a fifth. So I was getting ready to leave and just couldn't fight the urge to bust the last box.
my reasoning being that there was no way the Harper GU base was the case hit so ... after a little coaching from jeff I whipped out the credit card and bought the last Box. 6 packs in I spotted my first auto and it was on card not a sticker..........Hello mister Harper #066/154 thats makes 2 Harper auto's ( one from Bowman, it was in the last pack of the box, and 1 from heritage minors) in the last 2 months, and yes I bought a lotto ticket on the way Home! can't post a Picture my scanners isn't being nice but wanted to share. Just wish Jeff would have gotten some Platinum oh well Bowman Chrome is coming. By the way Odds for the GU base are 1/396 ( 1 every 3.75 cases) and the auto 1/2,663 (1 every 18.5 cases) and I pulled both from the same 6 box case, I know this for sure because the LCS only got 2-6box cases and the other case isn't opened yet

I collect Tony Gwynn, Cal Ripken and Stan Musial in base ball and all the OFF Roaders in NASCAR, and bust FB every now and then but no emotional attachment to any of the hits i pull if some thing catches your eye let me know
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