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2011 Allen an Ginter blaster suprise.
08-09-2011, 12:28 AM (This post was last modified: 08-09-2011 12:29 AM by Silverleen.)
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RE: 2011 Allen an Ginter blaster suprise.
Not to "dog" on Allen & Ginter, but I was not impressed with their product. The best auto I got was Chris Sale and Sue Bird. I don't know what people see in this product. Sorry to be so negative, and I'm sure you guys love this product, but if you have any rebuttal, please tell me because I would like to invest in a good Topps product, but I haven't found one yet... On a side note. I am willing to trade both of my autos. Thanks for listening to my rant.
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RE: 2011 Allen an Ginter blaster suprise. - Silverleen - 08-09-2011 12:28 AM

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