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1 box allen and ginter i feel violated 1 box platinum
07-21-2011, 05:25 PM
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RE: 1 box allen and ginter i feel violated 1 box platinum
(07-21-2011 11:37 AM)youarebad Wrote:  I should of sent my 80 bucks to starving children in Africa. I can handle the risks of getting 3 game used in these boxes but i got 3 crappy ones Drew Stubbs, Brett Gardner and Volquez got no # cards or no numbers either. I feel violated topps knows how to do it though just like a stripper all tease on the stage get her in the back and she got your money and you get nothing. sure you will hear rumors of how great she is behind the curtain or how they pulled a manny but most people feel fleeced at the end lol. I dont get why topps doesnt have more big name autos jeter griffey arod etc seems like they tease with 3 or 4 short printed ones and the rest is filler oh well. Maybe some of you guys can use the minis. Got a box of platinum sitting here i hope it makes up for this

ok just did the platinum break no big names couple green refractor autos though but I find the plat a much more fun break. get some refractors plus the guranteed autos even if the auto sucks atleast it isnt a 99cent GU.

Tony Sanchez green auto /199
Nick Noonan green auto/199
Scott McGough jersey auto /740
George Springer blue refractor /99
Andrew Cashner thick gold ref /539
Donovan Tate, evan longoria, domic brown and clayton kershaw ref thick /999
chris withrow /999 reg ref
RC's posey heyward

I would be interested in the minis
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RE: 1 box allen and ginter i feel violated 1 box platinum - litaismyqueen - 07-21-2011 05:25 PM

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