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Automatic Alphabetizing In Organize???

RE: Automatic Alphabetizing In Organize???
(07-07-2011, 11:31 AM)roguechessman Wrote: That's the ticket,thanks! Was wondering if you could help me once more (I miss the old site where I knew how to do everything w/o feeling like an idiot)?
Now that I have integrated my new additions to inventory in their proper places, is there an easier way to remove the "recently added" tag other than clicking on each one individually? Thanks,Rick.

A couple solutions I've used:

1. If you send all of them to the 'trash' - this will remove ALL associated collection tags with the cards. Then go into your trash can and instead of emptying it, move them back to the collection you DO want them in.

2. Instead of using "recently added" (which is a Beckett system folder and can't be deleted), create your own "recently added" collection (I've named mine "TEMP"). Use that folder to add cards to temporarily and then when you're done updating, just delete that folder, which will delete the tag from all of those cards, but doesn't delete the cards.

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