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3 Tips on Improving your Baseball Swing
(06-29-2011, 07:41 AM)tonyplayball Wrote: I have a suggestion for kids or coaches trying to get kids over the fear of the ball.I had the same problem as a kid.I ultimately got over the fear by playing a game with friends called "fast pitch".We would play in a friends backyard and we would use a tennis ball.We were less afraid of being plunked by a tennis ball therefore allowing us to pitch the ball faster to one another and to concentrate on the bat hitting the ball,not the ball hitting us.This game was great because it only took two people to play.
Always wear a batting helmet when playing this game,we did.


I agree with that. I always practiced with a tennis ball when I was younger. I never broke a window, and the ball always seemed to go farther.
I collect 1977-Present Baseball of any team, especially the Braves (NL) and the Red Sox (AL). Considering an expansion into vintage. I am slowly adding cards and wants to my org.

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