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Hall of Fame Discussion..Everyone is welcome!
Here are several names not mentioned.

Harold Baines (Look at the career stats. Borderline, at best)

Curt Schilling (No Red Sox bias here. He did have a dominant career and was one of the better pitchers of his era.)

Lee Smith and Jeff Reardon (They helped start the era of dominant closers)

Frank Thomas (I didn't see his name, but maybe I missed it on the list already)

Palmeiro and Sosa will not make it in. The taint of "juice" is on them. Rafael sealed his fate when wagging his finger at the members of Congress and then tested positive. Too bad, I really like him as a player and have over 100 of his 87 Donruss rookies. That whole investment went up in smoke the day he was suspended.


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RE: Hall of Fame Discussion..Everyone is welcome! - by bosoxfan1971 - 06-17-2011, 07:38 AM

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