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THE GOOD TRADER LIST ~ check here along with "looking for" thread ~
05-29-2011, 07:06 PM (This post was last modified: 12-07-2013 09:53 PM by chibearsboy.)
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Rainbow THE GOOD TRADER LIST ~ check here along with "looking for" thread ~
OK folks.. i want to have a list of good traders... ones I TRUST...and YOU TRUST...
add at any time and i will update..i have some real good friends here and i'm sure you do too..ADD THEM please.
i would love to know some more i can trade with and still sleep at night..
And i know we all dont get along all the time,RIGHT?...THIS IS A "TRUST" list..not a "LIKE" list...OK?... although i like all on my list...some might not

these are the members i would buy a used car from sight unseen...i trust them that much.
in no particular order and i have traded with most of these fine people..or they are just a class act.. that simple

and PLEASE...NO rude comments from the peanut gallery.. it is JUST A LIST OF GOOD FOLKS TO TRADE WITH...


HERE IS THE LIST IN ORDER....A-Z ( THANKS spazmatastic! ) well done!

0264roadrunner1964 (also by mik253 ,gadsden86)
all day baby (also by soccerscrub, wavytiger1975, waynetalger ,quobbinnobbin )
Bakerman8419 (also by deuce6000, gangstippie, spazmatastic, wavytiger1975 ,jncdrew )
bigt314 (also by waynetalger, itsdagooch, niener82)
blaze92585 (also by jncdrew)
Budmademewizer (also by qbcollectorlionsfan, jncdrew )
cybertrenz02 (also by patsfan129 )
dabears1985 (also by deuce6000)
daytonator (also by deuce6000, wavytiger1975, jncdrew )
deuce6000 (also by ,quobbinnobbin,jncdrew,martywood74,biglump007, spazmatastic)
dloegsw (also by tracy08606)
floydtown (also by gangstippie , spazmatastic,
mcleodfive, jncdrew, jfrench91,biglump007,TRAVISTURNER)
ftballcards ( also by RW34 , koolkelly , most of the world)
itsdagooch (also by mik253 ,jncdrew, biglump007 )
lsolarte1 (also by jwsports,wavytiger1975 )
jncdrew (also by deuce6000, jfrench91,biglump007,TRAVISTURNER )
koolkellygirl (also by deuce6000, gangstippie, mrmagnum75, mrfcc ,jncdrew ,martywood74,biglump007,mrhurtado17)
Joe Schmoe ( also by biglump007 )
lambeaulegend4 (also by deuce6000, jncdrew )
Mik253 (also by wavytiger1975, jncdrew, biglump007 )
Mrgonzodad (also by mik253 ,jncdrew. biglump007)
nineof (also by mik253)
packerbkd ( also by jncdrew)
pbean (also by deuce6000 ,jncdrew, wavytiger1975 )
phoenixrising34 (also by soccer scrub, spazmatastic, mik253)
rickywilliams34 (also by deuce6000, gangstippie, spazmatastic, mik253, jncdrew,biglump007,TRAVISTURNER)
ripkenfan72 (also by and spazmatastic, tracy08606, waynetalger ,mrfcc ,jncdrew, p18mann )
sensei322 (also by mik253, )
swjrp10 Smile
stefanjwhite (also by mik253)
thegreat48 (also by spazmatastic, the shadow, tracy08606, wavytiger1975, quobbinnobbin, jfrench91,totter )
titan fan
waynetalger ( also spazmatastic,niener82)
younglover (also by wavytiger1975 ,mik253)

49erfann ( by cox1781)
54killebrew74 ( By niener82 )
7whodey (by dwegner1)
ahvjr ( by biglump007,dfcj1499, jncdrew )
alto4life ( by TRAVISTURNER)
amysb4212 ( By niener82)
ascheufele ( by quobbinnobbin)
asuchris (by soccerscrub)
audicaos (by waynetalger)
bdmac1 (by waynetalger)
beatles guy (by spazmatastic,niener82 )
beantownsfinest ( by waynetalger)
believenblue (by deuce6000)
benner73 ( by waynetalger)
Biglump007 (by deuce6000, jncdrew ,martywood74, chibearsboy, mcleodfive,TRAVISTURNER)
bigtimetigersfan ( By niener82)
bigtrip18 ( by jwsports )
blaynero (by spazmatastic, tracy08606, quobbinnobbin , chibearsboy, by waynetalger)
bonds20001 ( by waynetalger)
bowers25 (By shezdoni )
bpab16 ( by nickfromcwe )
branesergen (by biglump007, wavytiger1975 ,jncdrew,
br759 (By shezdoni )
broo42 (by soccerscrub)
calvin t rink (by quobbinnobbin)
cam73 (by mrfcc, martywood74))
ceocards (by jsonnentag, spazmatastic, usafshelland ,waynetalger,shezdoni )
chasescardcave ( by favre3mvp )
chads-cards ( by charbs1111, p18mann, chibearsboy )
chibearsboy (by deuce6000, pbean ,waynetalger ,mik253 ,jncdrew )
CoachG (by r23b)
corbyrich ( by wavytiger1975)
cox1781 (by wavytiger1975)
cptnemo66 (By shezdoni )
cubsfaninil (By shezdoni )
cutlett (by dwegner1, spazmatastic)
crazyforkinsler5, (by mrfcc, quobbinnobbin,martywood74)
collector1974 ( by waynetalger)
cptnemo66 ( by waynetalger)
cwo4ski (by zmchoes)
dannyr129 (by koolkellygirl)
dbroockerd ( by spazmatastic)
demondukk (by deuce6000)
dlswmla ( by quobbinnobbin)
dontpray (By shezdoni )
douginc (by spazmatastic)
dragik (by mrfcc, jfrench91)
drobinson23mvp (by dabears 1985)
dspainjr (by spazmatastic , waynetalger )
dublup (by ripkenfan72)
dwegner (by mik253,mrhurtado17)
eagles2185 ( by waynetalger)
ebelvin ( by martywood74)
estout ( by waynetalger)
evolb909 (by dwegner1, spazmatastic)
Echo7bravo (By mrhurtado17)
favrebacker4life (by mrfcc)
favrecollector4 (by koolkellygirl ,waynetalger)
fbcking (by mik253, waynetalger)
fbqueen (by shigfrag , mecooncat, bpab16 )
flcardinals29528 (by deuce6000, and spazmatastic, mcleodfive, biglump007)
fizzix6942 ( by rwatt )
ft28jags (by raider34990 ,ebelvin, jfrench91,p18mann )
gamblers heaven (by dwegner1 ,spazmatastic, waynetalger, wavytiger1975)
gangstippie (by spazmatastic, tracy08606,biglump007)
gherkin1496 ( by waynetalger)
giantfan270 (by deuce6000, biglump007)
gocardinals (by twisty571)
goonstud (by jwsports, rwatt )
gopwarrior (by gangstippie, pbean)
gottabe (by mik253)
hhh tgt ( by waynetalger)
hof sportscards ( by waynetalger, spazmatastic)
hornebag ( by waynetalger)
hotpixssportscards (by mcleodfive)
hurdygurdyman (by quobbinnobbin)
hotplugs (by tracy08606)
iEagles (by ejnfl24)
jallwine1 (by soccerscrub)
jboedicker (by pbean, qbcollectorlionsfan)
jdetter23 ( by spazmatastic,TRAVISTURNER)
jdubbs10 (by bigt314)
jennings85collector (by the shadow)
jfrench91 (by jncdrew , cox1781)
jheringa09 (by pbean, tracy08606, chibearsboy)
jimfalbo21 ( By niener82)
jimmydelpasotx ( By niener82)
jlp1976 (by raider34990)
jimfalbo21 ( by waynetalger)
jmessick86 (by dwegner1, tracy08606, )
joserobles ( by waynetalger)
jrlebert (by raider34990)
jsonnentag (by wavytiger1975)
junko0138934 (by gangstippie)
ksureed (by zmchoes)
lilgshark7 ( By niener82)
lpearce7 (by rs20, quobbinnobbin , waynetalger)
MARINES21 (by jncdrew)
marcjack ( by waynetalger)
mattfastiggi (by biglump007)
mblackmore (by Mrgonzodad)
Mcleodfive ( By biglump007 )
mecooncat (by pbean, quobbinnobbin, martywood74 )
megatron1764 (by jncdrew)
megatronford (by pbean)
meridian207 ( by waynetalger)
MiamiHurricane1981 ( By ahvjr )
micorps (by mik253, jncdrew )
mickey7mantle7 (by soccerscrub)
mikeandshirl ( by ricky williams 34)
mgruber2 ( By niener82)
mjmj1966 (by jncdrew)
montanaCollector1619 (by koolkellygirl, chibearsboy)
mooncricket916 (by gangstippie, shigfrag, quobbinnobbin)
monsterx (by deuce6000)
mpc2876 (by jncdrew)
mrhurtado (by koolkellygirl, tracy08606 ,waynetalger)
myjagr1 (by TRAVISTURNER )
nickfromcwe (by sconnienation3 ,usafshelland)
ocho ocho ( by waynetalger)
osujeffrey (by deuce6000, jncdrew,biglump007)
oumike83 (by raider34990)
outlawz1979 ( BY shezdoni)
packerbackerdd (by pbean, wavytiger1975, jncdrew)
Patsfan129 (by cybertrenz02)
paulkellyjr ( By niener82)
philly eagle in az (by deuce6000, waynetalger ,brandonstubblefield, usafshelland, jwsports, TRAVISTURNER)
portfan ( By niener82)
pretz (by spazmatastic)
qbcollectorslionsfan ( by jncdrew)
quobbinnobbin (by mrfcc)
quickfamily ( by waynetalger)
radarblip ( By niener82, shezdoni )
REBEL74 (by raider34990)
rebornempowered (by sconnienation3 )
redskins316 ( by jncdrew)
resident piazza fan ( by waynetalger)
rgf17 (by biglump007, qbcollectorlionsfan, patsfan129 ,martywood74 )
ricelynnevans75 ( by waynetalger,shezdoni )
rifdog22 (by mcleodfive )
ringers1993 ( By niener82)
roostersclassics11 ( by jfrench91, wavytiger1975)
rogue656 (by deuce6000 ,jncdrew ,martywood74 , biglump007 and apparently everyone)
rs20 (by dabears 1985,biglump007)
scollignon (by quobbinnobbin)
sconnienation3 (by pbean, wavytiger1975)
sdbolts (by wavytiger1975 )
SharonBoston (by Mrgonzodad)
sherifoballstown ( by waynetalger)
shigfrag (by martywood74 )
smukchs (By shezdoni )
slider19ca ( by waynetalger)
slimreinecke ( by waynetalger)
slufan83 ( by waynetalger)
Socrkd55 ( by cox1781 )
snailmonk (by jncdrew)
spazmatastic (by gangstippie, ripkenfan72,wavytiger1975,waynetalger, jwsports)
stevenbailey84 ( by Mik)
stevca (by quobbinnobbin)
stocktonkevin (by quobbinnobbin ,waynetalger)
sufi1983 (by gangstippie)
thecardboardfan (by soccer scrub, spazmatastic,,waynetalger ,niener82, shezdoni )
the shadow (by pbean)
toabeignjr ( zmchoes)
toohod (by jncdrew)
tone81 (by Mrgonzodad, martywood74)
totally sports ( by jwsports )
totran ( by waynetalger)
totter ( by waynetalger)
tracy08606 (by gangstippie, spazmatastic, jncdrew ,dfcj1499 )
troyatc20 (by quobbinnobbin)
usafshelland (by TRAVISTURNER)
uwash97 (by sconnienation3, mrmagnum75, zmchoes)
wavytiger1975 (by martywood74,spazmatastic , waynetalger, cox1781)
whovrr (by soccerscrub)
wildcatter78 (By all day baby)
wiser (by wavytiger1975)
wtsjr (by wavytiger1975)
vail01 ( by waynetalger)
Volatty (by p18mann )
yankeescop ( By niener82)
Youngsgirl10 ( by waynetalger)
xxbigjohn79xx (by bselje, mcleodfive, jfrench91)
zakthirty3 ( by evolb909)
'zeprock (By spazmatastic)


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