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Box of XR

Box of XR
I purchased this before learning of the horror of "Wild Card Points" Cards - after finding out about that,  I was not happy at all, but in this overheated market, XR is a relatively inexpensive product and its one that I have always liked - especially the Luminous Endorsements which are the cards signed on acetate and I really like how they look (I got an A.J. Brown one last year).

Let's see how I did this year 

The good news - No Points Cards of any type

The bad news - no Luminous Endorsement

On to the hits:

Rookie Jumbo Gold Patch Auto /10 - CeeDee Lamb

Rookie Triple Threat Orange Triple Patch /25 - CeeDee Lamb (Come on, Panini, LOL!)

Rookie Auto Orange /7 - D'Andre Swift (at least it wasn't another CeeDee Lamb - but it is kind of funny that Lamb is card 106 and Swift is card 109 - so maybe Panini wanted to put in all CeeDee Lamb and made a mistake)

Notable Numbered Cards:

Ben Roethlisberger - /199

Kyler Murray /99

The Good:  Both of the autographs were players I haven't gotten before - and both are getting playing time as rookies - so its always nice to get new players (and sorry, RJ since I am an autograph card collector and its my first one, I am keeping the Swift auto)

Cards look good - the Lamb jumbo swatch auto is a really nice looking card

The hits were numbered to 25, 10, and 7

The Bad:  Two of the three hits were of the same player 

Price is too high 

One of the base cards (you don't get very many in this set) is Mitch Trubusky 

Overall, think this would be a great product at around $110 - like it was the past two years.

RE: Box of XR
Very nice, congrats!

RE: Box of XR
Sounds like you did pretty well. The hits are of guys who I think have a bright future.

RE: Box of XR
Nice break on that. If you wound up with any Bears or were interested in moving either of the Lambs, I'd be interested.

RE: Box of XR
Any Cam cards in Patriots uni?

RE: Box of XR
No Cam in Patriots uniforms

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