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The Difference between Collectors and Investors

The Difference between Collectors and Investors
To set this up, I happen to like the Iowa State Cyclones so last year was quite exciting with two Iowa State players in the RPS (Hakeem Butler  and David Montgomery) meaning it was a rare opportunity to actually be able to have a good chance of pulling Iowa State hits out of boxes.

I stopped by a Target last year and found a 2019 Prestige Megbox 

First pack made me happy - I finally was able to get a David Montgomery base card which had proven to be very elusive to me despite being a regular rookie.

Second pack had the first autograph - Lil Jordan Humphrey an UDFA receiver out of Texas - when I turned it over, I noticed that it was the Black One of One.  Hey, a David Montgomery base card and a One of One.  Could this box get any better?

The last pack had the second autograph - I see the Cardinals logo and get excited - could it be a Hakeem Butler autograph?

Then I read the name:


and I think "Oh no, its not Hakeem Butler, how disappointing"

Then after my initial disappointment, I thought "wait a second, even though its not Hakeem Butler, getting a Kyler Murray autograph is actually very good."

RE: The Difference between Collectors and Investors
LOL love it. I've been there and done that as well. Unfortunately go through the same even within my PC as an Alabama fan. This year, it's continuously seeing the Alabama logo on the back of an autographed card and getting excited for Tua, Jeudy or Ruggs only to see a Raekwon Davis, Diggs or McKinney. I'm happy either way, but man it's be nice to hit a skill player, especially with so many out there right now and how much the big guys are costing on the secondary market.
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RE: The Difference between Collectors and Investors
Lol, yeah, I'd say not a bad consolation prize for a non-PC card!
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