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Please look at my inventory (I am adding daily, I also have a ton of football beginning in the 1970s and ending in the 2008 time period but its not in the inventory yet - I will follow rules, if you are looking for something in football, I'll enter it into the inventory first and then we can proceed) and let me know if you want anything,

I am searching for:
1) Juan Soto (Nationals)
2) Victor Robles (Nationals)
3) Max Scherzer (Nationals)
4) Sean Murphy (Oakland)
5) JT Realmolto (Phillies)
6) Mike Zunino (Rays)
7) 2018 Bowman's Best (However, I will trade Commons for Commons Inserts for Inserts Autos for Autos, Rookie for Rookie, etc)

I'm possibly interested in more but that gives a starting point,

As for my wife, my children and myself our hero is Jesus Christ.

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