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Looking for Cincinnati Reds, 1960 Topps, 1964 Topps. Send me open offers!!

Recent pulls:

[Image: 43A3ECA0-964E-4BD1-8A57-F1190D18136D_zpsxrvnsur2.jpg]

[Image: 60842161-5A61-42BA-BF0E-5C794B6AF1C1_zpsedbg215p.jpg]

[Image: C99D5888-D51E-4E49-87FD-296A7A0A090A_zpsroqefyp5.jpg]

[Image: 4A4E89DA-711D-4ECA-85AC-4E8E15258E80_zpsilrioslg.jpg]

[Image: 8EF85F50-DA31-4EBB-8FED-6B1B0B80B16A_zpsc4kdfrag.jpg]

[Image: CE54C925-A9D8-4031-AD25-4195D91A3C66_zpsdgutbdtm.jpg]

[Image: AFD83A25-5DFD-40E4-9C04-7649E19BBC00_zpseblijkdq.jpg]

[Image: 12936423-F074-417D-8DB3-BAB9DF27920F_zpsbzqxsata.jpg]

[Image: 6526DD55-47A4-4682-8E74-E7C256F826BA_zpsogckvzmc.jpg]

[Image: E315B9B9-3FE8-49CC-9DF6-3700D8C23772_zpshj9p3lep.jpg]

[Image: 75828B57-16AE-42D2-BBF9-E1D05ACA66A2_zpsqxqc3kaf.jpg]
Always trading for Barry Larkin.

Will consider trading for other current/past Cincinnati Reds

[Image: Uw7lfAR.jpg]

RE: Trading....
Check me I have a few you need
[Image: drdwe0.jpg]

RE: Trading....
Open offer sent!
[Image: V1KvZmi.png]

Interested in all Chipper Jones cards and Braves/other interesting autos. Looking to land as many 2014 High Tek #d parallels of Chipper Jones as well! I appreciate all offers.

Thanks to jbel4331 for the banner!

RE: Trading....
Open offer sent for the George Bush card.
-Super Collecting- Ken Griffey Jr. and Chipper Jones (All wants are marked)

-Super Collecting- Vintage Hank Aaron and Mickey Mantle.

RE: Trading....
sent an offer
Selling my org out

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