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Poll: Should I redeem or trade?
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Redeem, then trade
16 84.21%
Just trade
3 15.79%
Total 19 vote(s) 100%
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Should I redeem before trying to trade?

Should I redeem before trying to trade?
Ok, so I decided to make a poll lol. I was in on a break last night for Leaf Trinity, and I got the Ravens and the Jaguars. I ended up getting an Aaron Mellette jersey card /25 (three color), and two redemptions for Dernard Robinson, one being the Pure auto, and one being an Inscriptions auto. I really want to see the Pure, as they are supposed to be made of glass, though I will trade them, whether I redeem them or not. Here's the thing, though, it doesn't say on the redemption card what level of numbering that the card is, and I don't think any of them are numbered over 60 that I saw in the boxes that they had, so I figured if I redeemed them when I physically have the cards in hand, I'd possibly be able to figure out if they are numbered or not...

What do you guys think? Should I redeem them when they come in so that I can find out what level they are, and then get to see what the Pure autos look like in person, or should I just trade them?

RE: Should I redeem before trying to trade?
redeem it, by the time you have it come to you there's a chance he could actually be starting QB for the Jags.
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RE: Should I redeem before trying to trade?
I agree redeem them..jags are in a world of hurt at QB..Value will probably go up then..also putting together a trade..it will be a running trade until we are satisfied..lol
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RE: Should I redeem before trying to trade?
Thanks, guys! I thought about it some more, and I definitely want to see one of the Pure autos in person, so I'll definitely be redeeming them when I get them later this week! Hopefully the turnaround is pretty quick.

RE: Should I redeem before trying to trade?
If Robinson is starting for the Jags at any point, then they have REALLY big problems.
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RE: Should I redeem before trying to trade?
He's listed as "OW" on their site, so he's basically going to only go up in value. He's going to have a myriad of plays that they can use him in. I don't know if he will ever make a pro bowl, but his legend is growing like Tebow's.
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RE: Should I redeem before trying to trade?
Well, I went ahead and submitted them for redemption Smile Though, since it doesn't have what color the cards are, I don't know what the actual numbering is going to be on them.... For all I know, I could be getting a 1/1, or /5 or something like that! Or, they could be unnumbered (though, from what I remember reading from the Leaf site, the highest number is 60). I tried tweeting them asking if the redemptions are numbered or not, but I don't know anything about Twitter, so I don't know if they got it, and they certainly haven't answered it. The few I've seen on the bay say they are short printed, and a few guys have them listed for over 100 bucks apiece.... Though some sold for about 40 bucks, some for 70, and some are still being bid on, so who knows. Not sure where they'll land in value, but if they end up being that high in value, these may be the best pulls I've had in quite a long time!
Oh, and this is the Mellette jersey card I got. kind of cool!


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