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Sbay Super Box?

Sbay Super Box?
I saw the Sbay ad in the June edition of Beckett Baseball and decided to check out their website. They offer a "Super Box" for $110, which seems to be a high quality repack. Has anyone ever purchased one of these? Any thoughts?
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RE: Sbay Super Box?
There's a thread on this over on the box breaks page:

Run fast, run far.

RE: Sbay Super Box?
^^faster! Run!!^^

RE: Sbay Super Box?
Head for the hills and don't look back!

RE: Sbay Super Box?
You'd have more fun throwing $100 in singles into the crowd at a baseball game! Smile
I started a thread called Super (?) Box over in the Box Break forum ... at the URL that CubsWinAgain noted. Read it and then decide. It's all there for your informed decision.
If you have any questions, post it over there. We've been discussing it for a while.

Here's a better link!
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