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Panini Blog Redemption update?

Panini Blog Redemption update?
So, I've been following the blog for Panini, waiting for 3 Jerel Worthy autos to get signed (Prizm autos /299 and /99, and Playbook) and 2 BJ Coleman autos (Crown Royale and Contenders base), and the update for last week says that Coleman was to sign the Crown Royale cards during the week. I guess the question is, has anyone followed the blog and gotten cards that showed up in the update? How long does that normally take for them to update the status?

RE: Panini Blog Redemption update?
nope, been waiting a couple months now.
Who Dat Nation, Who Dat Pride!!!!!!! I am all about New Orleans and collecting Saints memorabilia.

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RE: Panini Blog Redemption update?
Cards that are in the update have been signed and usually within a week you should receive the cards.

RE: Panini Blog Redemption update?
Sweet Smile I also see that Worthy is singing some stuff this week, though too bad it isn't Prizm or Playbook yet.... Soon!

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