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Look to sell quite cheap!!!

Look to sell quite cheap!!!
Most of my cards are in the system. I have a few cards I know I don't have in the system yet, but they're not huge (a Paul Pierce insert and a Derrick Rose insert from Prestige, and some baseball inserts from a pack of Topps Update my son wanted). However, I don't think I have all of the cards in my organize updated for selling (I'll get to work on that today).

I don't need the money for a medical emergency, family emergency or anything of that nature. Sadly also, I don't need the money for more cards (that's kind of really taken a back burner lately, as has been witnessed by my absence). The reason why I'm looking to sell is because I was approached last night by a group fitness instructor at the gym I go to about becoming a R.I.P.P.E.D. instructor. She had received an email stating that there is going to be a training session in my area (relatively) on December 1st. Because I've been on a fitness kick since last Thanksgiving (I've lost 40 lbs since), I've been trying to get into the fitness scene either group training wise or personal training wise. Group is cheapest to begin with, so I'll start there. She was reminded to tell me about it when I was in her class last night, after a grueling 30 minute workout with my personal trainer (I'm only one of two people she's telling about it).

Anyways, I don't expect to make it all up by selling my cards. They aren't worth that much to begin with. I'm just trying to get what I can to make it less of a financial burden since the holidays are coming up. And that's another reason I'm not expecting to sell them for much. If you want to buy in bulk so that you can put together a set or presents for younger kids, we can work something out.

I ship via PayPal in a bubble mailer (or several if needed). All cards will be sleeved and either placed in top loaders or they will be in snap top boxes (taped so they don't open up). When you've chosen what cards you want, I'll pull them together and find out how much the shipping is and let you know. I will not make you pay more than shipping plus whatever we agree on for the cards. I'm going to set prices for the cards in my organize, but do know that I'm willing to negotiate. It clears up space and gets me towards my goal. I want to get rid of as many of these cards as I can before November 23rd (so two weeks) so that I have time to put the money towards my registration.

P.S. Sorry for the lack of pictures and format in this thread. If pictures are requested, I should be able to get you some. Also, this will 'kind of' in turn help me get more cards in the future. If I get certified and I teach even two classes a week (hoping for more), I should eventually have $150ish dollars a month from training which after paying off more bills, I can start putting towards some hobby boxes (not them dang blasters anymore).

P.S.S. Also, whatever cards I do not sell by December 1st I'm going to be donating to the local children's hospital again. I'm going to call them first and make sure they're willing to take them (don't know if they've gotten rid of all of the cards I gave them last year). I think I'm going to do this every year. I know there is a site, can't remember what one, that accepts donations of cards so that they can be given out to hospitals and kids, etc. Hopefully it helps spark more interest in the hobby. Since the holidays are coming up, Happy Holidays. Smile
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RE: Look to sell quite cheap!!!

Breakdown of what's available

2,556 Distinct Items for sale (3,036 total)

Minimum Price: $0.01
Maximum Price: $2.50

(distinct cards, total cards)
HI BV $0.05-$0.25 = $0.01 (500, 537)
HI BV $0.30-$0.50 = $0.03 (629, 716)*
HI BV $0.60-$0.75 = $0.05 (669, 857)*
HI BV $1.00 = $0.10 (292, 393)*
HI BV $1.25-$1.50 = $0.17 (221, 253)*
HI BV $2.00 = $0.25 (68, 74)
HI BV $2.50 = $0.37 (68, 80)
HI BV $3.00 = $0.50 (34, 35)
HI BV $4.00 = $0.75 (26, 26)
HI BV $5.00 = $1.00 (30, 34)
HI BV $6.00 = $1.25 (11, 13)
HI BV $8.00 = $2.00 (6, 6)
HI BV $10.00 = $2.50 (2, 2)
* Some total numbers may be off.
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3,850+ diff Pistons cards

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