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Hello, all. I have finally settled in to my new home, moving from NY to NC. I am selling the following cards for $2.50 each. All cards should be listed. Paypal only, please. Also, I ask for $2 shipping to be added to the order. Thanks.

[Image: CCF06092012_00001.jpg]
[Image: CCF06092012_00000.jpg]
[Image: CCF06092012_00013.jpg]
[Image: CCF06092012_00015.jpg]
[Image: CCF06092012_00016.jpg]
[Image: CCF06092012_00017.jpg]
[Image: CCF06092012_00005.jpg]
[Image: CCF06092012_00006.jpg]
[Image: CCF06092012_00007.jpg]
[Image: CCF06092012_00008.jpg]

[Image: CCF06092012_00018.jpg]
[Image: CCF06092012_00019.jpg]
[Image: CCF06092012_00020.jpg]
[Image: CCF06092012_00021.jpg]
[Image: CCF06092012_00022.jpg]
[Image: CCF06092012_00023.jpg]
[Image: CCF06092012_00024.jpg]
[Image: CCF06092012_00025.jpg]
[Image: CCF06092012_00026.jpg]
[Image: CCF06092012_00027.jpg]

[Image: CCF06092012_00014.jpg]
[Image: CCF06092012_00012.jpg]
[Image: CCF06092012_00011.jpg]
[Image: CCF06092012_00010.jpg]
[Image: CCF06092012_00009.jpg]
[Image: CCF06092012_00004.jpg]
[Image: CCF06092012_00003.jpg]
[Image: CCF06092012_00002.jpg]
[Image: CCF08172011_00027.jpg]
[Image: CCF08182011_00001.jpg]

[Image: CCF08172011_00010.jpg]
[Image: CCF08172011_00012.jpg]
[Image: CCF08172011_00013.jpg]
[Image: CCF08172011_00011.jpg]
[Image: CCF08172011_00018.jpg]
I collect Jackie Robinson, Dee Gordon, Daniel Nava.

RE: FS...auto;g/u;insert;sp...$2.50...scans
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I collect Jackie Robinson, Dee Gordon, Daniel Nava.

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