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Saints players suspended, Vilma 1 Year

RE: Saints players suspended, Vilma 1 Year
(05-03-2012, 11:03 AM)bigdehart64 Wrote: Sure you wouldSmile I would use the word Knuckleheads. If one good thing has come from this is that the fair weather fans have jumped off the band wagon and given us true fans a little more room to partySmile
you can be critical of your team and players and still be loyal to it

if this happened to my team, id be livid at THEM, not the nfl for punishing their criminality

RE: Saints players suspended, Vilma 1 Year
Trust me I have been critical of my Saints. I remember the pre super bowl era very well and I cant tell you how many times I have lost my voice yelling at my TV. I am not mad at the NFL for the punishment. If its true then they got what they deserve, but if any of the evidence is sketchey then there is a bigger problem and until the evidence is release this will be that good ole dead horse.
Who Dat Nation, Who Dat Pride!!!!!!! I am all about New Orleans and collecting Saints memorabilia.

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