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UD Delivers - Spirit is Crushed

RE: UD Delivers - Spirit is Crushed
At least UD made some effort. I know it might not be worth it to you, but it is more than some tales I have been told.

I appreciate Chicago players that begin competing within the city's sports organizations and stay with these teams throughout their careers.

RE: UD Delivers - Spirit is Crushed
hope you get it, but if you ever get a hold of someone, you might want to think about getting something before your redemption turns to nothing, as when fleer went belly up, I got crap for what I had pending...I cashed out some redemptions literally before the door closed (about a week) and the rep suggested I keep some there (I should've just cashed out totally, but didn't
(04-02-2012, 10:30 AM)0264 roadrunner1964 Wrote: I know, that is what worries me. I have a Sanzenbacher 1/1 out of SP Authentic waiting for it to be redeemed. I just keep my fingers crossed.
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I'm not fond of wasting my time with folks who can't bother replying to trades or pms. If I don't reply, you're probably on the ignore list.

RE: UD Delivers - Spirit is Crushed
reading this brings back extremely sour memories of the way UD treated both myself and pbeanjr over the past year ..... believe me you are not alone in this dilema Sad

but, I will say this ..... you have been a long standing member here to which I've grown to greatly respect and I hope and pray that you can "re-find" your love for the hobby because you would be sadly missed on the boards Sad

I understand exactly how you feel but, UD is in the toilet, they do not care about anyone in the hobby anymore, it's just a fact and we all need to deal with it.

To say the least, I will be completely suprised if they have another football release in the near future.

As we all know "collecting" is more than just name brands or players, it's the experience of sharing with friends and comrades, trading with folks across the globe with the same common goals, and heck sometimes just bustin' someones chops on the boards can brighten the day Wink

I hope you can find some peace and rekindle your love of the game, and remember why you started to collect in the first place Smile


RE: UD Delivers - Spirit is Crushed
This is unfortunate. Like pbean says, Try to rekindle your love for the game and why you started collecting.

RE: UD Delivers - Spirit is Crushed
That dual is nasty. Then that filthy spiller. You could have got a salas or jernigan. If anything that would keep me in the hobby they way they stepped up. Sometimes you need to debate/argue with customer service in any business. UD is not going anywhere so stay around bob we like you :grouphug:

You making out like a bandit has me DWC!

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