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Im new on here ..getting back into the cards..always traded locally amongst friends but everyone i know grew up out of it or sold there cards. been buying boxs here and there, miss the trading aspect of it.since everything is done online know adays here i am. thru some cards in my organize for trade got alot more to throw in.let me know if i got anything your interested in.
collecting lebron james kevin durant and micheal jodan

RE: trades?
Need to go through and mark them for trade, i only see 11 cards for sale.

Welcome to the site.
[Image: n0Ji6.png]

RE: trades?
You have any Joe panik autos ?
[Image: 10801621_10152449187751828_1141049448538410951_n.jpg]

RE: trades?
I would be interesting in trading if you have any Darryl Strawberry, Sandy Koufax or Aroldis Chapman.
I collect Aroldis Chapman, Cuban Players, Toronto Blue Jays, and anything of interest!

RE: trades?
Welcome to the site. Many great traders on here. Let me know if you have any Chippers.
[Image: 971927d6500d72m3.jpg]

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