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Update? Anyone out there?

RE: Update? Anyone out there?
(12-17-2011, 10:43 AM)lane2800 Wrote: i still can not navigate from the grading screen to any other part of Beckett. i was not really responding to your post but my overall dissatisfaction and frustration with the site not working. the email Jeff sent me back says he talked to the IT guys about the registry issue the first week in November, yet IT-GUY gets on here last week and says he just found out about it the first of December, it's really nice to know the customers are so important that its OK to lie to them. PSA is looking like a much better option every day.
Jeff spoke with the developers and/or the people who wrote the specs and decide priorities fir the new site. He referred to them as IT Guys. I was not part of that discussion so my comment that I was not aware until later is not contradictory.
IT Guy

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