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Additions to Phillies PC

Additions to Phillies PC
After reading a few post I decided to stick with graded. Being a newbie to vintage I'm really not good at picking out raw cards. With fakes and altered cards I just want to be sure. Also, as member here pointed out, they are protected as well. Here are my new pickups.

[Image: IMG_0002.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0001.jpg]

Thanks for looking and thanks always for the advice.

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RE: Additions to Phillies PC
Great looking cards! Congrats!
[Image: roughdraft_edited-1.jpg]

RE: Additions to Phillies PC
Really nice pickups. Congratulations. Hope to see more soon.

RE: Additions to Phillies PC
I laughed when I read Pinky May! Great pick-ups!
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RE: Additions to Phillies PC
Very nice.

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