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Who are you collecting?

RE: Who are you collecting?
For me it is any Arkansas Razorback Players. Focus on Felix Jones, Darren McFadden and D.J. Williams.
For Baseball, I collect Texas Rangers only.


[Image: hogwired.jpg]

RE: Who are you collecting?
Adding to my PC of John David Booty
[Image: Griffeynewsig.jpg]

RE: Who are you collecting?
Sometimes I think I collect too many different players/sports, but then someone sends a TO and I have to say 'I'm glad I collect these other guys'.
My main football focus is on DeAngelo Williams, Muhsin Muhammad, and Armanti Edwards. I won't make this post any longer b/c I don't want to type that much. Wink

RE: Who are you collecting?
Dan Marino. I also pick up Sam Madison and Patrick Surtain.
Trying to finish these sets:
1999 SPX Radiance /100
1997 Upper Deck MVPs Gold /100
2000 Leaf Piece of the Game Preview 4th Down
2008 Premier NFL Equipment /25

Let me know if you have any available.

RE: Who are you collecting?
Brian Westbrook, DeSean Jackson, LeSean McCoy, Jeremy Maclin, Jason Avant, Jeremiah Trotter and most other former/current Eagles.
Collecting Jaiquawn Jarrett and Jeremy Maclin
Jaiquawn Jarrett - 36/40 90%
[Image: THgDe-1.gif]
[Image: Trotter1-1.jpg]

RE: Who are you collecting?
Jonathan Stewart, Jermaine Gresham, Carlos Dunlap and Bengal autos for me!!
[Image: Mynewestbanner.jpg]

I will also trade for C. Newton, D. Murray & A. Rodger Rookie Cards.

2008 Stewarts 442/1005 minus 1/1's
2010 Greshams 208/594 minus 1/1's


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