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Card Ad From 1960

Card Ad From 1960
I borrowed this from Bob Lemke's Blog (http://boblemke.blogspot.com/). I was floored by the pricing. Cards from 1910 (T206 most likely), selling at 35 cents a piece or 10 for $3. Wow, time machine come soon please Smile

Interested in EX-MT or better pre-'56 Cardinals, '53 Bowman Color & '74-'78 Topps.

RE: Card Ad From 1960
Thats great.I'd love to go back in time for
1 day and have a pocket full of money!

RE: Card Ad From 1960
Lol, in the early '60s I made .25 per hour. A $1 an hour was good pay. So those cards were still quite expensive but they were also 50 years newer....
I have been gone a long time, my ideas on collecting have changed as I have aged. Will only be here Off and On because things are different. Not going to do much Trading but will offer some items For Sale. As Always, Have FUN !...Mel

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