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Mail Day.... Post Em Here! - phoenixrising34 - 03-05-2010 05:12 PM

[quote="PackerBackerDD"]Got my end of a trade in today from younglover. She is a great trader!<br />
<br />
<a href="[/IMG][/quote">[/quote</a>]<br />
<br />
Nice pickups!! <br />
Yeah she is a great one for sure!! I've gotten a good many Smitty cards among others from her.

Mail Day.... Post Em Here! - alfordron - 03-06-2010 12:07 PM

Latest PU's<br />
16/25<br />
[Image: Earl16of252.jpg]<br />
<br />
22/25<br />
[Image: Earl22of25.jpg]<br />
<br />
9/15<br />
[Image: Payton9of15.jpg]<br />
<br />
3/8<br />
[Image: Aikman3of8.jpg]<br />
<br />
<br />
5/10<br />
[Image: Ryan5of10.jpg]<br />
<br />
OOOPS Howd that that get in

Mail Day.... Post Em Here! - hazezofgreen - 03-06-2010 03:34 PM

Nice cards Ronnie. I really like your taste lately. :taste:

Mail Day.... Post Em Here! - hazezofgreen - 03-06-2010 03:35 PM

<p>One in for me:<br />
<br />
[COLOR="DarkRed"]2008 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia TOTT Clinton Portis 02 of 50[/COLOR]</p><p>[Image: 2008PlayoffAbsoluteMemorabiliaTO-4.jpg]</p>

Mail Day.... Post Em Here! - alfordron - 03-06-2010 09:49 PM

hazezofgreen Wrote:Nice cards Ronnie. I really like your taste lately. :taste:
<br /> what can one say to this...thank you.<br />
<br />
Joey likes my :taste:...uh huh huh, you said taste.<br />
[Image: Butthead.jpg]<br />

Mail Day.... Post Em Here! - phoenixrising34 - 03-08-2010 01:58 PM

[Image: carddavisudblack2.jpg]<br />
[Image: cardstuckeyultraauto.jpg]<br />
For Trade<br />
[Image: cardkellybeyauto.jpg]<br />
[Image: cardbmarshalljerrc.jpg]

Mail Day.... Post Em Here! - all day baby - 03-08-2010 04:15 PM

Sorry for the delay in posting, so this is a big one...<br />
3/8:&nbsp; Huge mailday, even though just 3 trades... but look what Igot in those three trades! --<br />
[Image: 2003bowmansbestrubina.jpg]<br />
[Image: 2009certifiedhawka.jpg]<br />
[Image: 2002titaniumglennm.jpg]<br />
[Image: 2002udauthenticswalkerm.jpg]<br />
[Image: 2003fleerauthentixfavrem.jpg]<br />
[Image: 2003playoffhoggheavengreenm.jpg]<br />
Thanks for looking!<br />
3/4:&nbsp; Another nice mailday!&nbsp; One trade and two eBay purchases gotme these --<br />
[Image: 1992prolineportraitstomczaka.jpg]<br />
[Image: 2007donrussclassicsrousea.jpg]<br />
[Image: 2009spauthentichornungc.jpg]<br />
Thanks for looking!<br />
3/1: Really nice mailday today --<br />
[Image: 1991prosetplatinumfavre.jpg]<br />
[Image: 2007leafrookiesstarsjacksonm.jpg]<br />
And finally, this beauty --<br />
[Image: 1993prolinelivefavrea.jpg]<br />
Thanks for looking!<br />
2/27:&nbsp; Several eBay pickups and a couple trades got me these --<br />
[Image: 1994prolinelivetaylora.jpg]<br />
[Image: 1995prolinejonesa.jpg]<br />
[Image: 2007finestclowneya.jpg]<br />
[Image: 2008playoffnationaltreasurestriosm.jpg]<br />
[Image: 2008toppstriplethreads08qbsm.jpg]<br />
[Image: 2009toppstriplethreadsbreakoutm.jpg]<br />
LOVE maildays like these!&nbsp; Thanks for looking!<br />
2/25: One trade and one eBay purchase netted me these cards --<br />
[Image: 2001pacificdynagonmarshalla.jpg]<br />
[Image: 2005bowmansbestmurphym.jpg]<br />
[Image: 2005toppspristinegreenm.jpg]<br />
[Image: 2009absolutedriverjenningsgrantm.jpg]<br />
[Image: 2009spxjonesa.jpg]<br />
[Image: 2009upperdecknelsona.jpg]<br />
As always, thanks for looking!<br />
2/24: Two trades and some freebies from Ricky Williams 34!&nbsp;First, the cool cards from the trades --<br />
[Image: 2008leafcertifiedstarrm.jpg]<br />
[Image: 2009scorerajia.jpg]<br />
And this was just one of the freebies from Wendy --<br />
[Image: 2009certifieddraverm.jpg]<br />
Thanks so much, everyone!&nbsp; Thanks for looking!<br />
2/22:&nbsp; Banner day today!&nbsp; I got several trades (my mailman says,as usual) and the "P" shown here --<br />
[Image: 2009upperdeckiconskramerc-1.jpg][Image: 2009upperdeckiconskramerc-2.jpg][Image: 2009upperdeckiconskramerc-4.jpg][Image: 2009upperdeckiconskramerc-5.jpg][Image: 2009upperdeckiconskramerc-6.jpg][Image: 2009upperdeckiconskramerc-7.jpg]<br />
And this beauty too --<br />
[Image: 2008exquisitebrohmnelsonc.jpg]<br />
This one for my Packers PC --<br />
[Image: 2008donrussclassicsfinleya.jpg]<br />
And finally, this one is for trade --<br />
[Image: 2001leafcertifiedesiasonm.jpg]<br />
2/20:&nbsp; EXTREMELY nice mailday today! A veteran's on-card auto --<br />
[Image: 2009upperdeckblackkramerc.jpg]<br />
A rookie on-card auto --<br />
[Image: 2006ultimatecollectionblackmona.jpg]<br />
And... uhhh... what was the last one again? Oh yeah, anothernon-printing plate 1/1 --<br />
[Image: 2008sprookiethreadsbrohmc.jpg]<br />
2/19:&nbsp; Nice little mailday today.&nbsp; Just two trades, but I gotsome really nice cards --<br />
[Image: 1995actionpackedfavrei.jpg]<br />
[Image: 2007playoffcontendersrousea.jpg]<br />
[Image: 2009certifieddriverm.jpg]<br />
As always, thanks for looking!<br />

Mail Day.... Post Em Here! - packerbackerdd - 03-08-2010 04:46 PM

Lovin' the Mike Tomczak Auto ADB! <img border="0" align="middle" alt="emoticon" src="" /> Got these (Driver NT LOGO Patch 6/8, Hornung By the Letter Auto 03/50, Mr. Rodgers Lucky 13 RC 179/599, and the Jermichael Finley SPA RC Auto 726/999) in from a trade with JKAmsterdam~another excellent trader on here!&nbsp; The others were purchases from you know where.&nbsp; The 2009 Driver NT NFL Logo Auto is 4/5!, the Matthews Playoff Ticket is 25/99.<br />
<br />
[Image: 3-8-10-1.jpg]<br />
[Image: 3-8-10-2.jpg]<br />

Mail Day.... Post Em Here! - alfordron - 03-08-2010 04:55 PM

nice bunch of cards fellas...that kramer lettermen set is extra cool..sean jones played for the oilers after the pack and was an above avg DE, like that one too.

Mail Day.... Post Em Here! - phoenixrising34 - 03-08-2010 06:07 PM

Nice stuff you guys!!<br />
Wow Stump, that Starr looks familiar, lol. I'd forgotten that Terry Glenn spent a little time with the Packers, that's cool.