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Question about Error Cards - trautman.jennifer@gma - 06-17-2020

I recently purchased three packs of 2019 Contenders cards from a local Walmart. Each pack contained error cards and I was wondering if anyone knew what I should do with them. How do I put a price tag on them? should I get them graded? Etc. 

Any help on this issue would be great!

I've attached images of some of the cards here.

RE: Question about Error Cards - foleylion08 - 06-24-2020

Oh wow, those are bad haha. Unfortunately errors don't hold the weight they used to. Definitely wouldn't grade in my opinion. Maybe just price them whatever you'd be happy with on eBay with a best offer and see what comes in.

RE: Question about Error Cards - jplarson - 06-26-2020

The Kyler Murray error, that's one to hold onto long term. If he turns out to be a hobby favorite, I gotta think a super collector would love to add something like that to their collection. I know Murray isn't preordained to be one of the greatest of all times, but imagine if you had a similar card from 2012 with Cam Newton pictured and the foil front printing and the back of a Russell Wilson rookie? That would generate some interest.

Either way, fun error cards!