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Brady Question - Brutalfly - 06-16-2020

I have a question about Tom Brady Jersey patch cards I was wondering which Jersey patch card was the easiest to get and probably the cheapest. One of my sons is a huge Marino fan and the other a huge Brady fan. I was able to score a Marino jersey card for him for under $10 but I know Brady will be more expensive than that so I thought I would ask here and ask the people with the most knowledge. I have got my eye on a couple. I just thought I would ask here too.

RE: Brady Question - rjcj2017 - 06-16-2020

Set up a filter on eBay ... Buy it Now with lowest price + shipping ... the cheapest one I found where he's by himself on the card and it's not listed as damaged is $25.99 + $4.20 shipping.

So it's looking like $30 and up, basically.

RE: Brady Question - ZSDOne - 06-16-2020

Beware that some patches - especially in newer products are "player worn" and not game worn - most people prefer game worn so they tend to be higher.

And naturally, you also have to beware of fakes (mainly replacing plain swatches with "prime" pieces cut from replica jersies) - they have become especially problematic with popular players such as Brady.

RE: Brady Question - Brutalfly - 06-16-2020

Thank you guys for your comments. I will definitely use that knowledge when looking through the cards to find one. I appreciate it.