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Tim Tebow Card (HELP) - Tgraham12 - 03-24-2020

Can someone give me some info on this Tebow card (See Attached) I pulled a couple weeks ago!? I haven't been able to find any info on it or find it anywhere for sale.


RE: Tim Tebow Card (HELP) - savagenate - 03-24-2020

My guess is that it is the 75th Draft Anniversary Autograph card. Not sure what set it belongs to. Might be like the Panini Father's Day cards.

RE: Tim Tebow Card (HELP) - jaykayzee - 03-24-2020

These were inserted in 2010 Topps Football. There was a "DRAFT 75TH ANNIVERSARY" base insert set, "DRAFT 75TH ANNIVERSARY" Autograph set, and "DRAFT 75TH ANNIVERSARY" cut autograph set.

RE: Tim Tebow Card (HELP) - ahvjr - 03-24-2020

It is listed as 2010 Topps Draft 75th Anniversary Autographs #TT Tim Tebow

RE: Tim Tebow Card (HELP) - Tgraham12 - 03-24-2020

Thank you all for your input!