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Contenders Optic and Plates and Patches - ZSDOne - 03-13-2020

Picked up a box of Contenders Optic

Base Cards - Ryan Tannehill and Aaron Donald
Parallel - Tremene Edwards orange /50-
Insert - Julian Edelman Winning Ticket /165

Sticker Autograph - Ryquell Armstead - 5th round RB for Jacksonville - he got some playing time as a rookie

RPS Autograph - Josh Jacobs - Raiders RB

Both autos were base, but Jacobs definitely is a pretty decent autograph to get

Plates and Patches box - featuring a Hall of Fame base, Hall of Fame Auto, and Hall of Fame Plate:

Base - Lawrence Taylor - Hall of Fame Base
Parallel - Marquess "Hollywood" Brown

Patch - Dwayne Haskins /50 dual - two nice large multicolored pieces

Autograph - Redemption for Aneas Williams 100 /30 - Hall of Fame autograph

Plate - Ju Ju SMith-Schuster - 2018 Select Field Level

Wait, you are saying "Ju Ju isn't a Hall of Famer" and that is a base, parallel, autograph, patch, and plate - so that was a full box - however, there was a second plate in this particular box:

Brett Favre - 2019 Elite Spell Bound

RE: Contenders Optic and Plates and Patches - ZSDOne - 03-19-2020

And a second box of Contenders Optic:

Base: Kyle Allen and some defensive player

Insert - Eagles X & O's Carson Wentz and Blue /99

Parallel - Michael Thomas Printing Plate (I believe Black) 1/1

Sticker Auto - Leighton Vander Esch player of the year contenders /99

RPS Auto - Deebo Samuel redemption - this is my first auto of his (assuming it gets fulfilled)

Very happy with the Eagles parallel, Samuel auto and the star 1/1