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2 boxes of 2019 Luminance - Jquinn83 - 07-08-2019

Bought two more boxes to continue working on this set. I got them for $120 a box off E-bay. The local card shop only had one box left and he marked it up to $155 so I doubt I'll get the price again

I got a couple of duplicates of the base which is unlucky but that's a possibility with the way they collate if you don't buy all the boxes together. I have about half the base set so I may buy one or two more boxes but not if their price goes up as I suspect it will.

I got 6 more Gold parallels and 2 more Blues including Daniel Jones and D.K Metcalf

I got two Orange parallels /49 Cam Newton and Chris Carson I will not be trying for those sets so they are available.

The hits were

Rookie Autos:
Caleb Wilson /149
Kelvin Harmon /349
Miles Sanders /349

Jumbo Patch Dalvin Cook
Vintage Materials Barry Sanders

250 Panini Points *gives finger to Panini*

on a final positive note:

Draft Day Signatures Blue Ink Tony Pollard Cowboys 3rd round pick RB
The Blue Ink are limited to 5.

RE: 2 boxes of 2019 Luminance - akaus - 07-08-2019

Interested in the Dalvin Cook and the 250 Panini points. Let me know. Thanks.

RE: 2 boxes of 2019 Luminance - savagenate - 07-08-2019

Ouch, the hits weren't as good this time around huh? The chance of breaking boxes! Congrats on getting closer to your set completion!