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RE: My new car! - kevinr - 05-29-2019

(05-28-2019, 09:58 PM)spazmatastic Wrote: I certainly wouldn't do that. I don't even have to read the linked article. I heard about it on the news.

Yeah they some crazy people down here, lol. That was beyond stupid........

RE: My new car! - spazmatastic - 06-16-2019

Well, it's been 6 weeks now. I'm still loving my new car! I also found out about 10 days after I got it that I get 3 months of Sirius XM radio for free. Yeah, I'm not paying for it when that expires. While it's a nice bonus, it's not good enough that I'll pay money for the service. I've been taking advantage of the option since I found out I had it, but I don't really like it. Any of you that have been to central NC would know how hilly the area can be. The XM blinks out constantly on several of the roads that I travel, esp. when I get to the bottom of a hill. There are 2 roads where it goes out repetitively for over a mile or so. I'm not paying for a radio to piss me off! I'd rather listen to local FM stations or even better, CD's that I already own that I couldn't listen to in the Malibu for the past 3-4 years after the CD player quit working. And Saturdays on XM SUCK!!! Every channel I go to is doing some stupid special crap. Just play some music already! Saturdays are all some special DJ-mix where they spend as much time talking as they do playing music or they're airing live events that sound like crap over the radio. One station I tuned to several times tonight was airing Bonnaroo Festival live. It was horrible. I don't want to hear that junk on my radio. It sounded like they were broadcasting it from a microphone set 1000 feet away from the stage. If they can't connect to the actual stage audio setup, they shouldn't broadcast that. IHeartRadio does that for free on most Saturdays and their audio is a ton better on local FM stations. I still don't listen to those either. So glad the CD player in my new car works! I went to CD all the way home from my last work account. Oops, that got long without me realizing it!

Anyway, still loving the Cruze and I see a bunch of them on the road around here now. Didn't notice them until I got one but that's a good sign that there are so many still running well.

RE: My new car! - MichelleEdmund - 06-22-2021

I also had a 2011 Chevy Cruze. It was one of my favorite cars, it is cheap, reliable and I would say that it is one of the best cars to buy for that amount of money. I bought it back in 2012 and I had been using it until last year. Due to the incredible mileage, and ... not the most adequate exploitation, the engine said "bye bye you dumbass". I was thinking about swapping the engine, but I could not find a proper one, with a low mileage. My dad kept on telling me "scrap your car that is the best thing you can do", and you know, I have to agree, it was the best solution at that moment.