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2017 RFFG - Week 3 - STANDINGS - spazmatastic - 03-07-2017

This week's race is on Sunday 3/12 @ Las Vegas - 3:30pm EDT on FOX. The cutoff time to make/change picks is Saturday 3/11 at 11pm EST.
REMEMBER TO SET YOUR CLOCKS FORWARD 1 HOUR before bedtime Saturday OR at 2am local time Sunday morning!!!
Here are the standings and some game info/question follows it.


1. kev - 77
2. dun - 72
3. lead - 67
4. a9a - 30
5. kd80 - 28
6. spaz - 26
7. mini - 1

!!! - With this new points system, I'm thinking of a change to my tiebreakers. Wins will still be #1, but nobody has a win yet (or even a Top-5). I'm thinking the #2 tiebreaker should be most points for any race. If that is tied, #3 will be best finish between those "most points" races (but not necessarily the same race). If there is still a tie, #4 will be MOST Top-5 finishes over the season. I WOULD go with total bonus points accumulated but NASCAR doesn't make that easy to find now. Anyone have any objections/ideas about this?!

I'm not sure who to go with right now. Jimmie isn't looking like he wants to challenge for an 8th Championship so far this year, but usually does well at Vegas. For now, I will pick Kyle Busch.

RE: 2017 RFFG - Week 3 - dunnere - 03-09-2017

Tie breaker should be whatever is easiest to keep track of, so if you like, I'm good...

I'm going to pick Logano...

RE: 2017 RFFG - Week 3 - kevinr - 03-09-2017

Gonna stick with Logano........Tiebreaker sounds like work but I am good with whichever way you decide also.

RE: 2017 RFFG - Week 3 - alstott9adams - 03-09-2017

Kasey Kahne

RE: 2017 RFFG - Week 3 - kdogg80 - 03-09-2017

Kevin Harvick

RE: 2017 RFFG - Week 3 - leadmetogreatness - 03-10-2017

Martin truex Jr.

RE: 2017 RFFG - Week 3 - minitracer - 03-11-2017

Woo just made it. I will take Ryan Blaney please

RE: 2017 RFFG - Week 3 - spazmatastic - 03-12-2017

(03-11-2017, 10:29 PM)minitracer Wrote: Woo just made it. I will take Ryan Blaney please

I just wanted you to know that you did make it on time. I don't know why Beckett changed your post time today. I DID see it last night when you actually posted it at 10:29pm.

I'll get the points posted at some time on Monday.

RE: 2017 RFFG - Week 3 - kevinr - 03-13-2017

Well that was quite an ending, Logano starting this season off right, pissed Kyle off and rowdy lived up to his reputation. Wonder if Nascar is going to fine, suspend, or probation if anything? Big target on Logano for this season already. I watched it over and over just don't think he did that on purpose.

RE: 2017 RFFG - Week 3 - dunnere - 03-13-2017

I agree with Kevin...I get why Busch was upset, but Logano didn't really do much wrong there, if you ask me. That said, Logano is definitely not making any friends out there, right, wrong, or otherwise...