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2015 Bowman Chrome autos for trade - charleybrown - 01-21-2016

Hey all,

I opened 1 box of jumbos and have picked up packs of this stuff over the last few weeks. Willing to trade them all.

On a side note, the 6 cards shown below are the only ones available for trade because they are the only cards I have while I am away at school. The rest of my collection is at home. I am not going thru my org and removing the other cards from my trade bucket. So again, these are the only 6 cards I can trade at the moment.

[Image: 22191A60-7B85-4076-ACEE-F8B226D53941.jpg]

Top from left to right: Dermis Garcia /150, Mallex Smith /250, Daniel Carbonell

Bottom: Aaron Brown /499, Luis Ysla , Spencer Kieboom