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14 Prizm and some Bowman - Neifert - 05-03-2015 05:47 PM

Bought a discounted blaster of Prizm and hit these 2:
Cabrera /25
[Image: 51209304-D989-4F20-939F-2BEF72C61156_zpsjquowsgl.jpg]

Bowman minis:

[Image: 024B150B-7E7D-40DC-B02A-281AA1EA145B_zpsn555bljr.jpg]

Bowman hits:

[Image: 6EE5D77E-2546-4445-A4D6-59A315CDBF8C_zpshtrcthcp.jpg]

De Leon /50 any good??
Is Berry a decent hit??

[Image: D3FDBD75-5681-4864-8B80-7C517E0F8398_zpsxylg8c97.jpg]

Always looking for Cardinals and Brett Lawrie's I don't have.

RE: 14 Prizm and some Bowman - buckles2335 - 05-03-2015 06:20 PM

Not bad. I need the Jersey King if you wouldnt mind giving me a look.